G'day everyone. My name is Daniel and I make videos of the old and interesting cars I find in Japan and Australia.

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Clippity Clop, Hippity Uppity Coupe: 1970 Colt Galant GTO-MR (& MI, MII)

January 14, 2017

I am drowning in old Mitsus it would appear, as I've got a bunch of zenki GTOs from all over Japan to share with you today. I cover the Mi, the MII, and the MR.

The A53C/A55C/A57C Series GTO was built from Nov 1970 to Nov 1976. This GTO hardtop was built in 1970. It has a 1,597cc inline 4 engine.

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Fukui My Life: Mint 1986 Toyota Corolla Levin Apex

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All you AE86 fans out there have suffered enough. The only Hachirokus I ever show on this channel are rotten and forgotten, but just this on... <More>


WasabiCars Live Stream

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The JDM Aussie Chryslers - Charger 770 and 318 Sedan

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I've been tracking down physical evidence of Australian cars built for the Japanese Domestic Market for many, many years. Specifically, the ... <More>


Actually a Gift! Mint 1969 (Toyota) Toyopet Crown Hardtop Coupe - MS51

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Did I say 2nd generation Crown? Foolishness. It is of course a pre-update (Zenki) 3rd generation Crown Hardtop which features the Coupe-only... <More>