G'day everyone. My name is Daniel and I make videos of the old and interesting cars I find in Japan and Australia.

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Old School JDM/Kyusha Event in Kyushu: A Little Of Everything

March 21, 2018

The 14th Showa no Machi Car Show was held last Sunday (in Bungo Takada, Oita Pref), and what a glorious day of pleasant weather, good friends, and fine Nostalgic Japanese cars it was. Most time was spent in the surrounding car parks, but there were eye-watering automotive sights no matter where I looked.

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How does winning stuff sound?

I've set myself an ambitious target, and that is to unearth all of Japan's rusting, nostalgic gems. It's not going to be easy. They're shy creatures and prefer to remain hidden. And, limited time and funds mean they're likely to stay that way, which would be not cool! <More>

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Old School JDM, Low & Loud: Bungo Retro Charity Meeting - Kyusha, Shakotan, Kaido Racer, etc...

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Dawn of S-Chassis: 1976 Nissan Silvia LS Type S (S10) - L18/5 speed

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