G'day everyone. My name is Daniel and I make videos of the old and interesting cars I find in Japan and Australia.

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Intercepted: Mad Max's 1973 Ford Falcon GT Hardtop Interceptor Replica

December 03, 2016

Back in August on a single day, I went to a car show in Ipswich then dashed down to the Gold Coast to enjoy a second car show, both of which were a lot of fun. The obvious highlight of both events was this stunning replica of Max's Interceptor as it appeared in the first film of the franchise.

This Falcon hardtop was built in 1973. It has a 5,800cc V8 engine.

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Toasted Onevia, RX7 (FC3S), 180SX (S13) Plus, a Mystery Pickup

assessment7,545   chat_bubble82   access_timeNovember 26, 2016

As I was returning home from the 59th Kyushu Rotary Festival held last Wednesday, I happened upon some Nissan and Mazda Wasabi goodness. Ex-... <More>


The Feels When: 1983 Toyota Corona GT-T 2-door Hardtop Turbo

assessment2,960   chat_bubble143   access_timeNovember 23, 2016

UNICORN! Man, did this rare two-door Corona take some tracking down! I've known about the existence of this car for quite some time, and I c... <More>


Watch Me Start Something: 1992 Nissan Pulsar GTI-R - SR20DET

assessment4,541   chat_bubble104   access_timeNovember 16, 2016

Finally I track down the long-time-requested, (N14) Pulsar GTI-R, also known as Baby Godzilla. Up-front, it is all engine. It's easy to unde... <More>


Wasted Mugen: Junked Honda City Cabriolet - Widebody/Pininfarina

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I had another interesting FA City Cabriolet ready to go but this beauty just happened along. One point of difference with this drop top are ... <More>