Long-Roof Unicorn - 1987 Honda Accord Aerodeck - Two-tone plus Chrome

assessment10,130   chat_bubble174   access_timeFebruary 19, 2017

I have no alternative but to go a little Hella Flush is today's episode, such is the rarity of today's specimen. What I believed to be a lon... <More>


Wasted Mugen: Junked Honda City Cabriolet - Widebody/Pininfarina

assessment3,701   chat_bubble108   access_timeNovember 12, 2016

I had another interesting FA City Cabriolet ready to go but this beauty just happened along. One point of difference with this drop top are ... <More>


All Mugen All Day: 1989 Honda Today Ri-Z - Roopa Body / CF-48 Wheels

assessment5,855   chat_bubble116   access_timeMay 21, 2016

Early JW Honda Todays are a very rare sight in my neck of the woods. Last weekend's Neo-classic car show held in the Mojiko Retro Port distr... <More>


Mega, Mega RARE! 1964 Honda S500. (Not S600 or S800!)

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This is definitely one of the coolest cars I've seen at a car show in Japan. And I've seen some doozies. It's so rare it should be in a muse... <More>


Because VTEC Yo! Three Honda NSXs. Two Junk, One GEM

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The first two Honda NSXs in this video are write-offs after some very careless driving. Ouch! Looks like most useful parts have been strippe... <More>


1964 Honda S600 Convertible - As Fresh as I am Tired

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Early S-Series Hondas used to be a common sight on this channel. For some reason they've seemed to have dried up. So, bringing sexy back is ... <More>


Hard To Miss: 1971 Honda Z 360 Coupe GS

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The Honda Z Coupe (or Hardtop) is always a welcome sight, and this restored, GS-spec Coupe is an outstanding example. Lucky for me I get to ... <More>


A Family Wagon for the EK9 Honda Civic Type-R Fan

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Just the other day on a certain popular automotive website, I saw a late 90's Honda Orthia stationwagon wearing an EK Civic face. It had th... <More>


Long-term Parked: 1989 EF9 Honda Civic SiR Hatchback - B16A VTEC

assessment25,451   chat_bubble119   access_timeOctober 11, 2014

I've had requests to see an EF9 since forever. Well, I've finally found one. This one isn't abandoned, but it's for long-term parked and it ... <More>


An Abandoned Honda City Cabriolet (Pininfarina) with *RARE* AC Courreges Wheels!

assessment7,186   chat_bubble156   access_timeSeptember 10, 2014

It never ceases to amaze me, how often I find rare and/or desirable cars rotting away on Japan's back streets. If it's not considered a clas... <More>


Abandoned Honda Integra DC2 Type R - Race-Spec and Mugen Accessorised

assessment217,111   chat_bubble763   access_timeApril 06, 2014

Okay, it's not really abandoned, but I stand by the claim that it is abandoned in spirit. It looks to be beyond its useful life span (with i... <More>


Rough Repairs: A GR-RREEAT, little 1st-gen Honda Life GR

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Wasabicars Homepage: Grab a T-shirt: The car has character, the owner IS a charact... <More>