The PF50/PF60/PFD60 Series Gemini was built from Nov 1974 to Feb 1987.

1980 - Isuzu Gemini (PF60)

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Wasabicars Homepage: Grab a T-shirt: Yes, this Isuzu Gemini does drift! Looks like... <More>


1982 - Isuzu Gemini ZZ/R (PF60)

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The Isuzu Gemini is a car I'm always hoping to see in my car-spotting adventures. Sadly, it's a rare occurrence. The great news is that when... <More>


1983 - Isuzu Gemini ZZ/R (PF60)

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I was very surprised to see this Gemini sedan in Fujitsubo's car-yard in Fukuoka City. The car I'm of course familiar with, I saw plenty of ... <More>


1985 - Isuzu Gemini ZZ/R (PF60)

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Car-spotting in Japan: Wasabicars T-shirts: Transcript: G'day everyone. This is D... <More>


The JT150/190/600 Series Gemini was built from May 1985 to Mar 1990.

1988 - Isuzu Gemini ZZ

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