The A18 Series Starion was built from May 1982 to Dec 1990.

1982 - Mitsubishi Starion (JA)

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I spotted this Series 1 JA Mitsubishi Starion when I was visiting my family back in Australia in 2013. Such a great car to randomly spot, bu... <More>


1984 - Mitsubishi Starion 4WD Rally (A18)

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The Mitsubishi Auto Gallery is an odd place. Though filled with gems, it remains one of Japan's best kept automotive secret. Down the back o... <More>


1989 - Mitsubishi Starion GSR-VR (A187A)

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For a mass-produced car, the Starion is super rare! In all the car shows I've been to, plus all the car-spotting I've done, I've seen just t... <More>