All Class: A Crankin' 1963 Prince Gloria Super 6

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Lots of Japanese cars have nicknames. Perhaps you've heard Hakosuka, Kenmeri & Butaketsu, but do you know the nickname of this generation of... <More>


In Depth: The Prince Skyline Sport (BLRA-3) - Convertible and Coupe

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In this video I talk at length about the Giovanni Michelotti-designed Prince Skyline Sport. Just 60 of these hand-built beauties were made, ... <More>


Always a Fan Favourite!: A Stunning, 1965 S54 Prince Skyline 2000GT

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Music Credit: Created by Dylan Benson, and used with permission and much appreciation. Dylan Benson on Youtube: <More>


JDM Royalty: A 1965 Prince Skyline 2000 GT-B (S54B-2)

assessment19,263   chat_bubble48   access_timeSeptember 17, 2012 For more pictures & information, be sure to check out: Music... <More>


One SERIOUSLY AMAZING 1966 Prince Gloria Super 6!

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How lucky am I?? This encounter made my day. For more pictures & information be sure to visit: Wasabicars website: ... <More>