Old-School Sporty 'Kei' Classic: 1970 Subaru R-2 SS!

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This got to be one the coolest old-school Kei cars there is. The SS is the 'sports' model and features a 36 PS, 356cc air-cooled 2-cyl engin... <More>


Three Grungy Fire & Rescue Subaru Liberty (Legacy) GT Touring Wagons

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I've come across three slightly-crusty 1st-generation Subaru Legacy GT station wagons. Interestingly, they are the former fire and rescue ve... <More>


Kaido Racer: 1971 Subaru R2 (K12)

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I've been seeing this "street-racer" style Subaru R-2 at almost every car-show I go to. It's far from over-the-top but it does sport a modif... <More>


Spotted in Japan: A 1986 USDM Subaru Brat

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On the weekend I saw this Subaru Brat drive past me heading in the opposite direction. I of course pulled over IMMEDIATELY and floored it. I... <More>


Rough and Ready: A 1968 Subaru 360 Custom

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I'm so glad this Subaru 360 "Custom" turned up to this car-show. They are a rare sight indeed. Wasabicars Homepage: G... <More>


1972 *Kei-tora* (Kei-Truck) Subaru Sambar - 2StrokeTurbo Shoutout

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Again, I was going through the archives and rediscovered this pair of 2nd generation Subaru Sambars. They could've been produced in the same... <More>


It's a fully schmick 1979 Subaru Leone GFT with... twin carbs!

assessment18,260   chat_bubble29   access_timeAugust 17, 2012 For more pictures & information be sure to visit: Guys, here... <More>