The A20/35 Series Celica was built from Dec 1970 to Jul 1977.

1973 - Toyota Celica GT (TA22)

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I spotted this rusty, seemingly-abandoned, 1st-generation Celica GTV by the side of the road on a recent trip. It looked to have been recent... <More>


1973 - Toyota Celica 1600GT LB (TA27)

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Here's a car I've been seeing around pretty much ever since I started going to car shows in Japan. Eye-catching for sure, but for various re... <More>


1975 - Toyota Celica 2000 GT (RA25)

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Music Credit: Created by Dylan Benson, and used with permission and much appreciation. Dylan Benson on Youtube: <More>


1976 - Toyota Celica 2000 GTV (RA23)

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This RA23 gets only about 10 days a year out of protective garage. And, the current ower has owned it for 20 years. (Oops, I say 10 years in... <More>


1976 - Toyota Celica GTV (TA23)

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This car is an absolute winner! It just looks so neat, clean and unmolested. Armed without actually knowing, my guess is that is in unrestor... <More>


1977 - Toyota Celica GTV (RA23)

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Earlier this year I took a trip down to Kumamoto to visit Otsu-san. He was very kind to show me around. We didn't have to travel too far to ... <More>


1977 - Toyota Celica (RA23)

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I came across this rough and tough 1st-gen Celica Coupe in the back streets at a retro car-show I went to in Mojiko, Kyushu. Great cars in a... <More>


1977 - Toyota Celica GT Black Edition (RA28)

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There has been some debate over whether this car is an actual limited-edition, 1 of 385 Celica Liftback or just the product of someone's ima... <More>


The A40 Series Celica was built from Aug 1977 to Jun 1981.

1978 - Toyota Celica (RA40)

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I would tell you that both the 2nd generation Toyota Celica, and the 1st generation Supra/Celica XX, are a rare sight in Japan, but I would ... <More>


The A60 Series Celica was built from Aug 1981 to Jul 1985.

1983 - Toyota Celica XX (GA61)

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1984 - Toyota Celica GT-T (TA63)

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The A60 generation of Celica have become quite a rare sight in Japan nowadays. Even rarer, one with a factory turbo! I saw this GT-T model a... <More>


1984 - Toyota Celica XX 2000GT Black-version (GA61)

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Yet another Super-rare, special-edition Toyota Celica! This time it's a XX Super 2000GT from 1984. They built just 400 of these commemorativ... <More>


The T185 Series Celica was built from Sep 1989 to Sep 1993.

1990 - Toyota Celica GT-Four A (ST185)

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On Tuesday, yes Tuesday, I went to the *Kyushu Celica Day* car show. The 2nd gen Celica was the only one not being present, otherwise the tu... <More>


The T230 Series Celica was built from Oct 1999 to Apr 2006.

2000 - Toyota Celica TRD Sports M (ZZT231)

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Wow. Strange that I'd be doing a video on a not-too-old and not-even-rusty car, but this Celica is rather special. It is a very sporty model... <More>