The RS Series Crown was built from Jan 1955 to Sep 1962.

1957 - Toyota Crown RS (S30)

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This car is actually a replica of the factory-backed Toyopet Crown RSD that was entered in the 1957 Mobilgas Rally Round Australia. It is on... <More>


The S40 Series Crown was built from Oct 1962 to Sep 1967.

1964 - Toyota Crown Deluxe (RS41)

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This 2nd-generation Toyota Crown is too cool for school. The single, round lens tail lights and top-mounted font turn signals tell me this i... <More>


The S50 Series Crown was built from 1967 to 1971.

1967 - Toyota Crown (MS53)

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In this ep I drop by Damien Matsuo's garage where I see his collection of classic Crowns. The current project is a 2JZ-powered MS53 Stationw... <More>


1968 - Toyota Crown (RS56)

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Spotted this fantastic zenki, S50-series Crown ute last weekend at a Kumamoto classic car event. I was instantly drawn to its faded patina, ... <More>


1969 - Toyota Crown Standard (MS51)

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Did I say 2nd generation Crown? Foolishness. It is of course a pre-update (Zenki) 3rd generation Crown Hardtop which features the Coupe-only... <More>


1970 - Toyota Crown Super Deluxe (MS50)

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This 1970 Toyopet Crown has been owned by Nakazaki-san since 2005. He obviously takes good care of it because it remains a very straight & c... <More>


1970 - Toyota Crown (MS56)

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My first time to see a Mooneyes-modified car, and I certainly do like it. It's a mostly standard car but there is that 2.5l, 1JZ engine unde... <More>


The S60/S70 Series Crown was built from Feb 1971 to Sep 1974.

1971 - Toyota Crown (MS75)

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You may be familiar with the MS60 & MS70 series Toyota Crowns, but the 2 door hardtop is a rare one. The domestic version had twin rectangul... <More>


1974 - Toyota Crown Custom (MS62)

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This is actually a friend's car and one I've been wanting to do a feature on for quite some time. What it is, is a 1974 MS62, and it's super... <More>


The S80/S90/S100 Series Crown was built from Oct 1974 to Aug 1979.

1975 - Toyota Crown Super Saloon (MS90)

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Here's a walk around video of the finest MS90 Crown I've ever seen. Engine is a 2l, 6 cylinder M engine and is back by an automatic gearbox.... <More>


1976 - Toyota Crown Super Saloon (MS90-MGE)

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It's pretty rare to see this generation Toyota Crown in Japan. Even rarer to see one in the Hardtop body style. The car-yard states that thi... <More>


The S110 Series Crown was built from 1979 to 1983.

1982 - Toyota Crown Super Saloon (S110)

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