The T60/T70 Series Mark-II was built from Jan 1968 to 1973.

1970 - Toyota Mark-II 1900 GSS (RT75)

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Today's car is the first and only first-generation Mark II GSS I have ever seen. It's slightly larger than the early, shovel nose Corona har... <More>


1971 - Toyota Mark-II (RT66P)

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Funny how foreign words/concepts enter a culture and get changed.The W, I believe stands for, Double. Which would make sense, i.e. double ca... <More>


The X10/X20 Series Mark-II was built from Jan 1972 to 1976.

1972 - Toyota Mark-II Corona GSS (RX22)

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The shocking news straight up, people. This car IS NOT a Toyota. There is NO Toyota badge, and it WASN'T sold through a Toyota dealership. T... <More>


The X30/X40 Series Mark-II was built from Dec 1976 to 1980.

1978 - Toyota Mark-II Grande (MX41)

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I regularly see this Shakotan (lowered) MX41 Mark II at car shows in Northern Kyushu.このシャコタンMX41マークIIは北九州のカ... <More>