The E15 Series Sprinter was built from Apr 1968 to 1970.

1969 - Toyota Sprinter 1200SL (KE17)

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I've seen this KE17 Corolla Sprinter at car shows here in Kyushu for a few years now. It's so eye-catching in its bright blue paint & polish... <More>


The E20 Series Sprinter was built from 1972 to Jul 1974.

1973 - Toyota Sprinter Trueno (TE27)

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Ever wanted to buy a car from Japan? Sure you have. In this video, besides the stunning TE27 Trueno, I talk about/translate what is written ... <More>


The E40/E60 Series Sprinter was built from Apr 1974 to 1979.

1975 - Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT (TE47)

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Here's an outstanding TE47 Sprinter Trueno GT that I've been seeing at car shows recently. Under the hood is cleanness the likes of which wi... <More>


1975 - Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT (TE47)

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It's not often I come across a 30 year-old, "one owner" car. It's not often I see TE47 Trueno Sprinter GT's either. Actually, this is the fi... <More>


1977 - Toyota Sprinter XL (KE60)

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It was the 13th Mojiko Retro Car Meeting andit was wall-to-wall, classic Toyotas, Mazda RX3s, Nissan Fairlady 432Rs, and heaps of lots of ot... <More>


The E70 Series Sprinter was built from Mar 1979 to Jun 1987.

1979 - Toyota Sprinter (AE70)

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It's very unusual to see a late 70's/early 80's Toyota Sprinter in Japan. Even more unusual is the 'sticker bomb' treatment this one has rec... <More>


1980 - Toyota Sprinter Trueno 1600 (TE71)

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It appears as though Motor Spirit Alpha of Fukuoka City has packed up shop, and that has caused me to search the archives for a classic Toyo... <More>


The E80 Series Sprinter was built from 1983 to 1987.

1983 - Toyota Sprinter Trueno (AE86)

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Let us rejoice for car-show season has officially arrived in my part of the world. Hurrah, hurrah! And, at the very first event I attended a... <More>


1985 - Toyota Sprinter 1.5 ZX (AE81)

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Front-wheel-drive cars of the 1980's are critically endangered in Japan, so I got very excited when I saw this Sprinter variant of what is a... <More>


1986 - Toyota Sprinter Trueno GT-APEX Black Limited (AE86)

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Here is an extra special Hachiroku. This is a one of just 400 "Black Limited" AE86's that were built. Aside from the exclusive back paint (p... <More>