Willowbank Raceway (ウィローバンク・レースウェイ)

Willowbank Raceway is a top class drag racing track approximately 40 minutes drive west of Brisbane. The 1/4 mile strip is one of several motorsport racing tracks contained within the Ipswich Motorsport Precinct.

Getting there

By car. There are no trains or buses to the venue as far as I know.

Phil Penny's 2JZ powered 1965 Honda S600 Coupe Dragster

assessment1,659   chat_bubble23   access_timeOctober 27, 2018

Phil Penny's 2JZ-powered Honda S600 is today's feature car, and can I say what a treat it truly is. It really struggled to go in a straight ... <More>


Four Doors for More Chores: 1971 Mazda 1300 Deluxe - STBV/Familia

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If I'm lucky, August is when I get to visit family and friends in Australia, and check out some great car-related events. Over two years, I'... <More>


Patina Arena: 1948 48/215 FX Holden Sedan

assessment4,980   chat_bubble39   access_timeNovember 26, 2015

When I was visiting Australia back in August 2015, I dropped by Willowbank Raceway for some drag racing action. There was a show-n-shine goi... <More>


Nostalgic Drags at Willowbank Raceway - Gassers/Vintage Gas/Muscle Cars

assessment60,032   chat_bubble94   access_timeSeptember 19, 2015

I had an absolute blast while in Australia. Going to the Nostalgic drags at Willowbank was highlight. I'd not see gassers in action before. ... <More>


Gasser Drag Racer and Driver Interview: 1960's Toyota 700 / Publica

assessment5,162   chat_bubble109   access_timeSeptember 09, 2015

This UP10 Toyota 700 (Publica in Japan) was quite the surprise upon arrive at Willowbank Raceway. I couldn't believe that I was seeing this ... <More>