EPIC Car Spotting in Japan! Museum of 60+ JDM Classics, plus SR-powered 1979 Corona

July 27, 2019

This was yet another day of amazing Old-school, JDM classic car spotting. The cars are as follows: Toyota Sera, Mitsuoka Le Seyde (S13 Silvia), Mitsubishi Galant VR-4, Toyota Corona (TT131), Silvia S13, Silvia S15, Toyota Starlet (KP61), Suzuki Alto Works, Honda 1300 77s, Honda S800, Daihatsu Compagno Spider, Nissan Fairlady, Datsun Sports 1600, Nissan Skyline 1500, Prince Skyline 1500, Subaru 360 Custom, Suzuki Suzulite Van, Cony 360 Van, Daihatsu Fellow Van, Mitsubishi 360, Mazda Carol, Honda N360, Daihatsu Midget, Mazda Cosmo L10A, Austin Cambridge, Hillman Minx, Datsun 1000, Datsun Bluebird, Datsun Bluebird SSS, Toyota Corona (1st generation), Toyota Corona (2nd generation), Toyota Corona (3rd generation), Toyopet Crown RS, Kurogane three-wheeler, Mazda T2000, Mazda Familia (1st generation), Mitsubishi Colt 1500SS, Datsun Sunny (1st generation), Suzuki Fronte 800, Mitsubishi Colt 11F, Toyota Publica, HIno Contessa, Subaru 360, Suzuki Fronte 360, 1970 Daihatsu electric delivery trike, and Mazda R360 Coupe.

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How does winning stuff sound?

I've set myself an ambitious target, and that is to unearth all of Japan's rusting, nostalgic gems. It's not going to be easy. They're shy creatures and prefer to remain hidden. And, limited time and funds mean they're likely to stay that way, which would be not cool! <More>

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