Australia Trip: A Gorgeous 1969 HT GTS Holden Monaro

July 04, 2013

For a full account of my Aussie adventures: http://youtu. be/yiPkNeBGMdA Music Credit: Created by Dylan Benson, and used with permission and much appreciation.

The HT Series HT was built from May 1969 to Jul 1970. This HT Coupe was built in 1969. It has a 3,049cc inline 6 engine.

More information: Wikipedia - Holden Kingswood

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How does winning stuff sound?

I've set myself an ambitious target, and that is to unearth all of Japan's rusting, nostalgic gems. It's not going to be easy. They're shy creatures and prefer to remain hidden. And, limited time and funds mean they're likely to stay that way, which would be not cool! <More>

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