Barn Find: 1970 Cougar XR7, Mustang, Challenger, Thunderbird, Nash...

January 25, 2016

So many US cars! Mercury Cougar XR7, Ford Thunderbirds, Ford Mustangs (Mach 1, Mustang II Cobra), Nash, 1967 Imperial Crown Coupe, plus many, many more. Aside from the large number of US cars, the balance of the 80 car collection is made up mostly Japanese cars.

This Cougar coupe was built in 1970. It has a 5,800cc V8 engine.

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How does winning stuff sound?

I've set myself an ambitious target, and that is to unearth all of Japan's rusting, nostalgic gems. It's not going to be easy. They're shy creatures and prefer to remain hidden. And, limited time and funds mean they're likely to stay that way, which would be not cool! <More>

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