FOUR Wheel Steering! JDM 1989 Ford Telstar TX5 GT - One Owner

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Japanese Fords were totally a thing, and we certainly got to see them in Australia too. Today's feature car is a Telstar TX5, which was base... <More>


Restored with Dedication: 1972 Ford Falcon XA GT Hardtop

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Today we have the story of a beautifully restored Calypso Green XA GT Falcon hardtop. It was one of just 41 GT Falcons sold at Metro Ford in... <More>


Intercepted: Mad Max's 1973 Ford Falcon GT Hardtop Pursuit Special

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Back in August on a single day, I went to a car show in Ipswich then dashed down to the Gold Coast to enjoy a second car show, both of which... <More>


The Price is Right: 1993 Ford Falcon EB GT (#84 of 265)

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Yes, I'm back in Australia once again, this time for some 25 Anniversary GT Falcon action. For too long the V8 was missing from Ford Austral... <More>


In the Limelight: 1971 Ford XY Falcon Fairmont Wagon

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Back in August 2015 I was at a car show in Ipswich in Queensland, Australia. One of many highlights was this Limelight XY Fairmont holiday h... <More>


Hardtop Hottie: 1973 XA Ford Falcon Superbird - RPO77

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It is with great pleasure I present today's feature car, a stunning limited production, Superbird XA Ford Falcon hardtop from 1973. I strong... <More>


Big Block Import: 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 - 427cu Tri-Power

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During my visit to Australia I was invited to an event hosted by the Jimboomba Heritage Vehicle Club. I missed out on a sausage, boohoo, but... <More>


Wimbledon White, 1973 Ford Mustang Mach 1 with Ram Air

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I hardly see any early Mustangs here in Japan. Well, not so much the exciting ones like the Boss & Shelby Mustangs. This one is exciting too... <More>


Spotted in Japan: A 1964 Ford Galaxie Country Squire - 390 V8

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Another unusual find from Japan. It isn't "abandoned" but it does seem to be sitting, and perhaps for a long time. This immense stationwagon... <More>


Barnfind in Japan: A '71 '72 '73 Mach 1 Ford Mustang

Views: 7,684   chat_bubble57   access_timeNovember 07, 2012 Music Credit: Created by Dylan Benson, and used with permission and much appreciation. Dylan Benson on Youtube: http:... <More>


Spotted in Japan: A 1961 Falcon Station wagon

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For more pictures & information be sure to visit: Wasabicars website: Twitter: https://twitter... <More>


Spotted in Japan: A 1964 Ford Thunderbird Hardtop - Landau Roof

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It really is amazing the variety of cars you find on the streets of Japan. I was understandably beside myself when I saw this beautifully re... <More>