The SB1/SG/SE/VB Series Civic was built from 1972 to 1979.

1974 - Honda Civic RS (SB1)

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RS - The designation for the Sports model of the Honda Civic. RS stood for "Road Sailing" of all things, and it featured: * Twin Carburetto... <More>


The SB3/SB4/AG/AH/AJ/AK/AT/EC Series Civic was built from Sep 1983 to Sep 1987.

1985 - Honda Civic Si (AT)

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Someone asked that I show some Hondas, so here's a Honda. First and last time, because I don't do requests. Yeah, this 1985 Si is an absolut... <More>


The EC/ED/EE/EF/SH Series Civic was built from Sep 1987 to Sep 1991.

1988 - Honda Civic CR-X Si (EF8)

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Did someone forget where they parked it? Well actually, I know that isn't the case. This CRX Si is one of five awesome 80's cars at this aba... <More>


1989 - Honda Civic (EF1)

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Such an epic day out at the EF Summit in Fukuoka City, but it wasn't just EF Civics on show. Other 80s/90s Hondas on show included, Integra,... <More>


1989 - Honda Civic SiR (EF9)

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I've had requests to see an EF9 since forever. Well, I've finally found one. This one isn't abandoned, but it's for long-term parked and it ... <More>


The EK Series Civic was built from Sep 1995 to 2000.

1996 - Honda Civic (Orthia) (EL1)

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Just the other day on a certain popular automotive website, I saw a late 90's Honda Orthia stationwagon wearing an EK Civic face. It had th... <More>