The AS280 Series S was built from Jul 1963 to Sep 1964.

1964 - Honda S 500 (AS280)

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This is definitely one of the coolest cars I've seen at a car show in Japan. And I've seen some doozies. It's so rare it should be in a muse... <More>


The AS285 Series S was built from May 1964 to Aug 1966.

1964 - Honda S 600 (AS285)

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Early S-Series Hondas used to be a common sight on this channel. For some reason they've seemed to have dried up. So, bringing sophisticatio... <More>


1964 - Honda S 600 (AS285C)

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For more pictures & information be sure to visit: Website: RSS: htt... <More>


1964 - Honda S 600 (AS285)

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I spotted this beautiful Honda S600 Convertible in a near-by car-park of the first ever car-show I'd gone to in Japan. It really in an amazi... <More>


1965 - Honda S 600 (AS285C)

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Phil Penny's 2JZ-powered Honda S600 is today's feature car, and can I say what a treat it truly is. It really struggled to go in a straight ... <More>


The AS800 Series S was built from Jan 1966 to May 1969.

1968 - Honda S 800 M (AS800)

Views: 11,145   chat_bubble30   access_timeOctober 01, 2012 Me & Eric from spotted this classic S800M in Moji where there was a car show on. You'll see toward the e... <More>