The SNA/S122A/CB12/CB1V Series Capella was built from 1970 to 1978.

1973 - Mazda Capella GSII (S122A)

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It's not often you come across these old-school Mazda rotaries here in Japan. Happily a few will turn out for car shows, either on show or i... <More>


1973 - Mazda Capella (S122A)

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What I love more than a car in great condition is a car in poor condition, and the worse the better. This is actually a sought-after car, bu... <More>


1974 - Mazda Capella GSII (CB12S)

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Car-spotting in Japan: Wasabicars T-shirts: *Language warning* (Though, I find it... <More>


1981 - Mazda Capella Super Deluxe (CB)

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This is the first and only CB series Mazda Capella that I've seen in Japan; and it's a coupe to boot. This fine example is unrestored and ha... <More>