The FA2/FA3 Series Familia was built from Nov 1967 to Sep 1973.

1971 - Mazda Familia 1300 Deluxe (STBV)

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If I'm lucky, August is when I get to visit family and friends in Australia, and check out some great car-related events. Over two years, I'... <More>


1973 - Mazda Familia GS Rotary Coupe (M10A)

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At the 49th Rotary Festival (in Kyushu) I got to see just my 2nd Familia Rotary Coupe up close. The first one I'd seen at Mazda Headquarters... <More>


The BF Series Familia was built from Jan 1985 to Sep 1994.

1985 - Mazda Familia GT-X 4WD (BF)

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How is it that the humble, grocery-getting Mazda 332/GLC is a rarity in modern-day Japan? More confusing is the fact that the higher/sportie... <More>