The A53C/A55C/A57C Series GTO was built from Nov 1970 to Nov 1976.

1970 - Mitsubishi GTO MR (A53C)

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I am drowning in old Mitsus it would appear, as I've got a bunch of zenki GTOs from all over Japan to share with you today. I cover the Mi,... <More>


1971 - Mitsubishi GTO MR (A53C)

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If there ever was a Japanese Muscle car, would this be it? No V8, but it has a 1600cc, DOHC engine with twin carbs and produced 125hp. And, ... <More>


1973 - Mitsubishi GTO GS (A57C)

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I love seeing cars that are unrestored and well looked after, and that's exactly what this 1973 Mitsubishi Colt Galant GTO GS is. How about ... <More>


1975 - Mitsubishi GTO GS-R (A57C)

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I've been promising a GTO video for some time and here it finally is. This one I saw at a car show in Sasebo in Nagasaki Prefecture in Kyush... <More>


1975 - Mitsubishi GTO (A57C)

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There are all sorts of old-school Mitsubishi Colt Galant GTOs in this video. The main feature is the final update GTO GS/R, but I also show ... <More>