UNICORN! 1978 Nissan Stanza - PA10

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Well, it's quite incredible that it's taken 10 years (but actually over a thousand videos) to finally show a first generation Nissan Stanza ... <More>


1981 Nissan Skyline GT (HGC211)... Is Effort Worth It?

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So many people dream of finding a rusty old Nissan Skyline to restore, and not only the Hakosuka and Kenmeri Skylines, but also the 210 Japa... <More>


R35 GT-R Widebody Wagon! 2002 Nissan Stagea 250RS-FOUR - Kids Heart

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Spotted at my local super market (a couple of years ago now), this R35-faced, custom widebody MN35 Nissan Stagea. Original R35 GT-R parts in... <More>


JDM Treasure! Shark Nose Nissan Bluebird 2000GTX (G610)

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There were just a couple of generations of 6-cylinder Nissan Bluebirds in the 1970's, those being the 610 (our feature car), and the 810. Th... <More>


RAKED: 1971 Nissan Cedric GX 2 Door Hardtop, Plus Squad of 230 Glorias/Cedrics!

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It was so good to run into Mr. Yamaguchi of Nagoya with his mint 230 Cedric (Datsun 200C/220C/240C/260C) at last year's Showa Retro Car Expo... <More>


Fat Four-Door Hakosuka Skyline that is a Real Deal GT-R

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Lucky me gets to regularly see first generation Nissan Skylines in and around car shows here in Japan. And, while many at first glance appea... <More>


Legendary HOTDOG Yotsuba of Kumamoto! Retired 1976 Nissan Cherry Cab

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After 45 years of operation in southern Kumamoto, this hot dog van has finally slung it's final wiener. Not only were the hot dogs loved by ... <More>


We Meet Again! The 1982 Nissan Silvia RS That Got Away (US110)

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Today's video brings me genuine joy because it brings to a conclusion something that started a long time ago. In fact, it was seven years ag... <More>


Award Winning: 1983 Nissan Skyline 2000 Turbo GT-E-X

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This just is one of the finest R30 Nissan Skylines I've ever seen. It also happens to be of the rarely-seen-in-Japan 5-door hatchbacks. Engi... <More>


S-Chassis Unicorn: 1978 Nissan Silvia LS (B-S11) - Went From Japan to the USA

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I spotted this mega-rare JDM Nissan Silvia (North America's Datsun 200SX) at an auction yard in Kyushu in November 2020, and then saw in a p... <More>


Shakotan Rally Car?? 1975 Nissan Violet 1600 HT SSS-E (Datsun 160J/710)

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Badged as a Datsun 160J, this KP711 Violet wears the rally livery of the 1977 Southern Cross Rally winning cars. The car had been in storage... <More>


Eight years ago... Nissan Cedric SGL-E Hardtop (C-331), Celica 2000GT (RA35), Mazda Roadpacer

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I can't even dumb it down, people; Tonight's video has these four, old-school, JDM classics, and spans 8 actual years. It starts (chronologi... <More>