The 30 Series Cedric was built from Mar 1960 to 1965.

1964 - Nissan Cedric 1900 (31)

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Quite the mid-60's, gentleman's car, this one. Built in a time when Japan began to mass-produce tiny cars to get it's ever-advancing citizen... <More>


The 230 Series Cedric was built from Feb 1971 to Jun 1975.

1971 - Nissan Cedric GX (230)

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It was so good to run into Mr. Yamaguchi of Nagoya with his mint 230 Cedric (Datsun 200C/220C/240C/260C) at last year's Showa Retro Car Expo... <More>


1973 - Nissan Cedric DX Ambulance (W230)

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More rust! This classic JDM ex-ambulance W230 Cedric wagon would be one of the rustiest, road-registered cars I've seen. Also, in this video... <More>


The 330 Series Cedric was built from Jun 1975 to Jun 1979.

1977 - Nissan Cedric SGL (K330)

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Now that I think about it, this could be the only 2 door I've seen of this generation Cedric, or Gloria even for that matter. And, from what... <More>


1978 - Nissan Cedric SGL-E (C331)

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I can't even dumb it down, people; Tonight's video has these four, old-school, JDM classics, and spans 8 actual years. It starts (chronologi... <More>


1979 - Nissan Cedric 2800E Brogham (P332)

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This top-shelf 4th-generation Cedric has been lovingly maintained, and is a true miracle survivor. This car wears the Brougham badge which i... <More>


1979 - Nissan Cedric SGL-E Extra (332)

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A special thanks to Sumika (& Hajime) for sharing her car with me at a recent car-show visit. Just as the title says, it's a Nissan Cedric S... <More>


The 430 Series Cedric was built from 1979 to 1983.

1982 - Nissan Cedric 280E Brougham (430)

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Wasabicars: For pictures & more information on this car be sure to visit: <More>