The E10 Series Cherry was built from 1970 to 1974.

1971 - Nissan Cherry Deluxe (VE10)

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Today I visited a classic car garage in Fukuoka called Harfee's. I went there specifically to see this beautifully aged Cherry van (VE10), n... <More>


1971 - Nissan Cherry X-1 (PE10)

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I never knew there was a sporty version of the Cherry sedan. Well, there is and it's called the X-1. Included in this package were twin Hita... <More>


1973 - Nissan Cherry X-1R (KPE10)

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Today, I have the pleasure to introduce to you the Cherry X1-R historic racer of Takeguchi Jidousha in Hiroshima. The car is quite obviously... <More>


1973 - Nissan Cherry X-1R (KPE10)

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One of the sweetest looking front-wheel-drive cars I've ever seen. Nissan have done an amazing job designing this unique & iconic coupe. Mu... <More>


1974 - Nissan Cherry X-1R (KPE10)

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The car I have for you today is the very appealing performance variant of Nissan's Cherry, the X-1R. There's factory over fenders, an 80-met... <More>


The F10 Series Cherry was built from 1974 to 1978.

1975 - Nissan Cherry F-II Deluxe (KF10)

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The Nissan Cherry is one of the very few front-wheel-drive cars that I'm a fan of. The styling of this KF10 Coupé is pretty out there, but ... <More>