The C30 Series Laurel was built from Apr 1968 to Apr 1972.

1971 - Nissan Laurel 2000 Hardtop (KPC30)

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It's always fun to adventure into the Japanese countryside on a classic JDM unicorn treasure hunt. In this installment I track down a first ... <More>


The C130 Series Laurel was built from Apr 1972 to Jan 1977.

1972 - Nissan Laurel GL-6 (KHC130)

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Welcome to another WasabiCars Video! May I present the finest KHC130 Butaketsu Laurel I have ever seen. We get to have a good look at the in... <More>


1973 - Nissan Laurel GX (KPC130)

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I often see this Kaido Racer in and around car shows in Northern Kyushu. The car is of course a Butaketsu Laurel Hardtop. What you may not r... <More>


1973 - Nissan Laurel (C130)

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Website: For pictures & more information be sure to visit: RSS... <More>


1974 - Nissan Laurel SGL (C130)

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Finally a C130 Laurel that isn't a Butaketsu Hardtop Coupe. This one's got 4 doors for more rust! The C130 Laurels and the C110 SKylines did... <More>


1974 - Nissan Laurel GL (C130)

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Patreon: Grab a T-shirt: This 1974 Nissan Laurel GL Hardtop has real ... <More>


1974 - Nissan Laurel SGX (C130)

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The car show that I saw this C130 Magenta Laurel Hardtop at was just the worse! This car was far-and-away the most interesting car there. It... <More>


1974 - Nissan Laurel SGX (C130)

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This must have been the first C130 Nissan Laurel Hardtop that I'd ever seen. It was parked at Classic Garage in Northern Kyushu. Looks amazi... <More>


The C230 Series Laurel was built from Jan 1977 to Nov 1980.

1978 - Nissan Laurel SGX (C230)

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Music Credit: Created by Dylan Benson, and used with permission and much appreciation. Dylan Benson on Youtube: <More>


1979 - Nissan Laurel SGL (C231)

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This is how I used to do my car-spotting videos! Long-time subscribers will understand. Anyway, today's Laurel sedan is an interesting one. ... <More>


The C31 Series Laurel was built from Nov 1980 to Oct 1984.

1984 - Nissan Laurel Medalist Turbo (C31)

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I got a real surprise when I saw this special edition, 1981 Nissan Laurel. C31 Laurels are super hard to come by. This one is in amazing con... <More>