Old-School Toyopet Collection in AUSTRALIA - Crown, Publica 700

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So many epic old-school Toyotas in this video from a time when they'd their JDM brethren would been known as Toyopet! Yep, a dozen S40 seri... <More>


Busted! The Coolest Toyota Crown Hardtop (MS75)

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I got to drive perhaps the coolest, classic Toyota Crown in Australia, albeit for the briefest of time when I visited Australia last August.... <More>


WaSabi Toyota Corona 1600GT (factory 4A-GE, but...) 1G-GTE Swapped!

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I found this AT141 Corona 1600GT in the wild not once, but twice! That was a surprise, but a bigger surprise was finding out there was a twi... <More>


That Colour! That Interior! 1980 Toyota Celica XX (MA55) - Incredible Survivor

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Known as a Toyota Celica Supra in many countries, but in the land of its origin, it's a Double X! This was beginning and end of the 6 cylind... <More>


Toyota Celica 'Four Door' Camry 2000GT, 18R-GEU DOHC

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In this video I feature two Four Door Celica Camries, those being the RA55 GT and the other being the RA56 2000SE, and it's only those two f... <More>


Under bonnet... Oh, Wow! Modified Toyota Corona Mk II Van/Wagon (RT68)

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Back to the Truck Masters Kyushu 2022 car show to feature a modified, old-school Toyopet Corona van/wagon. Though it retains a stock 6R 4 cy... <More>


First Time Seeing! Toyota Publica Pickup (UP26)

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The focus of this video is of course the Toyopet pickup/truck/ute shown on the thumbnail, but I also sneak in the Toyota S800 and 700 Public... <More>


It's Disgusting! I Love this 1975 Toyota Mark II LG - MX10

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Another visit to the auto auctions here in Japan, and I've come across a true gem of a car. Forget how it's looking now, one look at the adm... <More>


Twin Plug 3T-GTE Engine: 1982Toyota Corona 1800 GT-T (TT142)

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Awesome survivor-spec eighties sporty Toyota with over 245,000 kms on the clock, but the real story of this car is its engine. It's the DOHC... <More>


JDM Auction, I Actually Bid!! 1990 Toyota Sprinter (CE96V)

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First let me stress that this is not how to on getting a JDM classic from a Japanese car auction; it's my personal experience from seeing th... <More>


Save The Pop Ups! Toyota Sprinter Trueno AE91

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The Corolla Levin version of this car, I can still see about on the streets and at car shows, but the Sprinter Trueno pop-up version, never!... <More>


Not One, But Two: 1975 Toyota Corona Mark II 2000 GSS (RX22) DOHC/18R-G

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The X20 series of early Toyota (Toyopet) Corona Mark II's were some very cool and stylish cars, and I don't just mean the very sleek 2-door ... <More>