The A10/A30 Series Carina was built from Dec 1970 to Jul 1977.

1975 - Toyota Carina 1600SR (TA17)

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A cleaner 1st-generation Toyota Carina you will not find. The car's owner is a car-cleaning products salesman and this is his work car. I've... <More>


The A40 Series Carina was built from Aug 1977 to Aug 1981.

1980 - Toyota Carina ST (TA41)

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Toyota Carina Hardtops sit very high on the want-to-see list, but of the 2nd and 3rd generation Carina 2-doors, I have seen a one, and this ... <More>


1980 - Toyota Carina 1800 ST (TA46)

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Today's car is a very tidy 2nd-gen Carina sedan. The original 13T engine has been swapped out to make way for a DOHC 2T-G engine. Sure, the ... <More>


1981 - Toyota Carina (TA49V)

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This car is a little bit Stance-inspired, which is not familiar ground for me. It's also a rare van/stationwagon version of the A40 series T... <More>


The A60 Series Carina was built from Sep 1981 to May 1988.

1982 - Toyota Carina GT-TR (TA63)

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This video goes out to I'd been promising him a Carina video for quite some time. Enjoy! For those wonde... <More>