The T10 Series Corona was built from Jul 1957 to Apr 1960.

1959 - Toyota Corona Coronaline (PT10)

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I wonder if anyone will get the song in the title stuck in their heads... This is my first time to show a 1950's Corona, and an unusual body... <More>


The T40/T50 Series Corona was built from Sep 1964 to Jan 1970.

1965 - Toyota Corona (RT46V)

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Car-spotting in Japan: Wasabicars T-shirts: Having a Corona-ary? Who better to ca... <More>


1967 - Toyota Corona (RT50)

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It took my second time driving past this rusting Corona 2-door to finally shoot a video of it. Glad I did because it's Wasabicars worthy for... <More>


1968 - Toyota Corona (PT47)

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In this video a 1967 Corona pickup that I saw back in 2014, and a rusty 1968 Corona Van that I saw more recently. And, you know how people c... <More>


1968 - Toyota Corona Double-cab (PT46P)

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Loving this sweet-a**, old-school pickup! For those who have asked what my favourite car might be. This is it. Super rare body style with a ... <More>


The RT80/RT90 Series Corona was built from Feb 1970 to Jul 1973.

1972 - Toyota Corona SL1700 (RT94)

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Unrestored cars have the edge over even finely-restored cars in my book, and this 1972 (Chuuki) Corona 1700SL Hardtop is a prime example. So... <More>


The T100/T110/T120 Series Corona was built from Aug 1973 to May 1979.

1976 - Toyota Corona (RT114)

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The T100 series Coronas were everywhere in Australia, I'd never seen one with a hardtop body though. Now that I come to think of it, I wasn'... <More>


The T130 Series Corona was built from Sep 1978 to Apr 1983.

1979 - Toyota Corona 1800 SL (TT131)

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I had such an excellent day at Autopolis on the weekend. There were nostalgics screaming down the straight, and there were plenty of amazing... <More>


The T140 Series Corona was built from Jan 1982 to Dec 1987.

1982 - Toyota Corona GT-T Turbo (TT142)

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Awesome survivor-spec eighties sporty Toyota with over 245,000 kms on the clock, but the real story of this car is its engine. It's the DOHC... <More>


1983 - Toyota Corona GT-T (TT141)

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UNICORN! Man, did this rare two-door Corona take some tracking down! I've known about the existence of this car for quite some time, and I c... <More>


1983 - Toyota Corona GT (AT141)

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I found this AT141 Corona 1600GT in the wild not once, but twice! That was a surprise, but a bigger surprise was finding out there was a twi... <More>


1984 - Toyota Corona EX Saloon (ST140)

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I'm so thrilled to bring to you yet another 1980s JDM that could easily be considered a unicorn, but also a car I'd happily have in my own g... <More>


The T160 Series Corona was built from Aug 1985 to Sep 1989.

1985 - Toyota Corona 2000GT Coupé (ST162)

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I was just coming back from a car-show when I saw this super-rare, mid 80's Corona coupe parked across the road. I waited around to meet its... <More>


1989 - Toyota Corona Coupé Black Version (ST162)

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I've since found out that this car is quite special. Just 400 of these "Black Version" Toyota Corona Coupes were built and sold in early 198... <More>