The P10/P20 Series Publica was built from Jun 1961 to Apr 1969.

1964 - Toyota Publica 700 (UP10)

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This UP10 Toyota 700 (Publica in Japan) was quite the surprise upon arrive at Willowbank Raceway. I couldn't believe that I was seeing this ... <More>


1967 - Toyota Publica (UP20)

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I totally dig this car. It appeals to me because it is in original, un-restored condition. Yes, there's a little rust, but so what? It has c... <More>


1968 - Toyota Publica (UP20S)

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The Toyota Publica may not be considered a rare car, but its convertible and van variants are. I've seen just one of each. It should be note... <More>


1968 - Toyota Publica (UP26)

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The focus of this video is of course the Toyopet pickup/truck/ute shown on the thumbnail, but I also sneak in the Toyota S800 and 700 Public... <More>


The P30 Series Publica was built from Apr 1969 to Mar 1988.

1971 - Toyota Publica (KP36V)

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Today, I have a 3rd generation Toyota Publica van (not quite a station wagon), and it is super rare to see them in this body style as the pi... <More>