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Passenger vehicle (above 660cc) This is the license plate for passenger vehicles with engines over and above the stated 660cc limit.

Kei Passenger vehicle (below 660cc) This yellow license plate denotes Japan's lightweight class of vehicle. The 660cc limit was introduced in 1990 and continues to the present. Yellow plates were also used for the 550cc kei-class period of 1976 to 1990.

Commercial vehicle (above 660cc) Green plates come in two sizes. Medium (pictured here) and larger size for trucks. Real life examples: armored vans (medium-size plate) and goods-carrying trucks (large-size plate).

Commercial vehicle (below 660cc) Real life example: small, parcel delivery van.

Temporary It is typical for car dealers and mechanics to use these red-striped plates for as yet unregistered cars. They are issued by local government offices. There was a time when these plates were being increasingly used to get (unregisterable) cars to car shows. A crackdown followed.

More info: Wikipedia - Vehicle Registration Plates of Japan

A word of warning
Personal information & privacy are among the highest concerns for Japanese people. With this in mind, I must insist this tool not be used to replicate existing license plates.