Autopolis (オートポリス)

A world-class racetrack that hosts rounds of the Super GT and top-class Drift events. Amateur racers can be seen going around on weekends, which is worth a look. The venue, though impressive, isn't recommended for the international visitor. The place is impossible to reach.

Getting there

A wormhole, but even then...

D1GP Autopolis Drift Action: Start to Finish - Thrills, Spills, and SkillZ!

Views: 3,244   chat_bubble38   access_timeApril 21, 2018

So, I get handed a sticker by Yokoi Masashi during a pit walk at the D1GP event in Kyushu, Japan last weekend. I'm not saying I had an influ... <More>


Nostalgic Nissan Skyline, Mazda RX3, Toyota Celica Race Day at Autopolis

Views: 22,654   chat_bubble112   access_timeDecember 02, 2017

This Nostalgic Race event was billed an an all Nissan Skyline meeting, but that wasn't exactly the case. Along with other old-school Nissans... <More>


Black beauty: 1974 Mazda Savanna GT Coupe

Views: 61,391   chat_bubble120   access_timeSeptember 27, 2017

This could just be the coolest, modded Savanna RX3 I've seen. And, it's fitting that I saw it Autopolis race track in Oita Prefecture, becau... <More>


エキサイティングバトル九州 / Track Day: Exciting Battle Kyushu

Views: 8,865   chat_bubble85   access_timeMarch 22, 2017

Seeing old-school Skylines, Silvias, AE86, and RX7s race would be a dream come true for any JDM enthusiast, and in October 2016 that dream ... <More>


Good Vibrations: 1979 Toyota Corona (TT131) - Wide Body / Engine Swap

Views: 103,569   chat_bubble163   access_timeNovember 02, 2016

I had such an excellent day at Autopolis on the weekend. There were nostalgics screaming down the straight, and there were plenty of amazing... <More>


Three Grungy Fire & Rescue Subaru Liberty (Legacy) GT Touring Wagons

Views: 3,912   chat_bubble142   access_timeNovember 15, 2014

I've come across three slightly-crusty 1st-generation Subaru Legacy GT station wagons. Interestingly, they are the former fire and rescue ve... <More>


DR30 Nissan Skyline - Hasemi Motorsports, Super Silhouette Replica

Views: 13,795   chat_bubble153   access_timeSeptember 07, 2014

I saw this amazing, replica Group 5-spec (Super Silhouette Formula) DR30 Nissan Skyline at Autopolis during a Super GT event. Granted, it is... <More>


Girl's Festival 雛DORI * PASSION - Drift & Cosplay - Autopolis, Japan

Views: 13,551   chat_bubble134   access_timeAugust 15, 2014

Earlier this Year I attended a special drift event. It was a girl's drift event at Autopolis (Oita, Japan). It was wall-to-wall sideways act... <More>


The "Hatsune Miku" BMW Z4 GT300 at Autopolis for the Super GT in Kyushu 300km

Views: 10,759   chat_bubble67   access_timeOctober 06, 2013

Car-spotting in Japan: Wasabicars T-shirts: Watch & listen to my harrowing tale o... <More>


My First "Japan GT Championship" Race Remembered / Car-spotting: Hakosuka, R34 M-spec, "Nismo" V35

Views: 1,440   chat_bubble38   access_timeSeptember 13, 2013

Car-spotting in Japan: Wasabicars T-shirts: Transcript: G'day everyone. This is D... <More>


Sportia AND Roomia. The 1982, Mitsubishi Cordia 1600 GT Turbo

Views: 5,385   chat_bubble73   access_timeMay 18, 2013

I believe this to be the same car: Music Credit: Created by Dylan B... <More>


Spotted at a Car-Show: A 1985~88, Mugen-enhanced JW Honda Today Ri-Z

Views: 13,210   chat_bubble76   access_timeMay 01, 2013 Music Credit: Created by Dylan Benson, and used with permission and much appreciation. Dylan Benson on Youtube: http:... <More>


RARE: A Sleek 'n' Silky, 1989 Toyota Corona Coupe - ST162

Views: 34,402   chat_bubble93   access_timeMarch 16, 2013

I've since found out that this car is quite special. Just 400 of these "Black Version" Toyota Corona Coupes were built and sold in early 198... <More>


A bug-eyed, 3-door KP61 Toyota Starlet S from 1979

Views: 49,193   chat_bubble64   access_timeJanuary 20, 2013

I don't recall ever seeing these Toyota hatches growing up in Australia, so it's hard for me to call them popular. They do indeed seem to be... <More>


A perfect 1st-gen Toyota Celica GTV Coupe - Tosco wheels!

Views: 81,342   chat_bubble76   access_timeDecember 24, 2012

This car is an absolute winner! It just looks so neat, clean and unmolested. Armed without actually knowing, my guess is that is in unrestor... <More>


Nostalgic car meeting - Autopolis Sep 2nd, 2012

Views: 79,186   chat_bubble159   access_timeNovember 14, 2012

A couple of months ago Eric ( & myself went to the "Nostalgic car meeting" in Autopolis. It was easily the best car show we'd b... <More>


1983 Nissan Skyline DR30 RS-Turbo Hardtop

Views: 14,731   chat_bubble41   access_timeNovember 02, 2012

Bamm, bamm, bamm! Love the telephone dial wheels on this Nissan Skyline DR30. The turbo version with the Zenki face means it was made in ear... <More>