Tenzan (天山スキー場)

This isolated but popular drift track is in fact the car park of a ski resort. Skiing of the snow type, that is. Drift events are held regularly held in the hotter months.

Getting there

You are gonna need a lift. Zero public transport

2021 Kyusha Meeting/Nonsuri Party in 旧☆州

Views: 64,410   chat_bubble68   access_timeNovember 20, 2021

Last weekend I attended a track day (of sorts) for zokusha, shakotan, Kaido Racer, etc... type cars. There were lots of slammed, classic Jap... <More>


1JZ/2JZ Drift Festival - JZ Powered ONLY (Tenzan, Saga Pref)

Views: 1,611   chat_bubble67   access_timeOctober 09, 2021

In Saga Prefecture, there's a snow ski resort car park that is open as a drift track in the warmer months, and this time it's an event for 1... <More>


Shakotan Skids: Doughnuts for Days (Nonsuri Party)

Views: 65,578   chat_bubble138   access_timeOctober 10, 2020

Old-school Zokusha/Kaido Racers doing burnouts, and letting loose, is what this video's about. The event is, the Showa Period Car Meeting an... <More>


D1GP Driver backs his JZX100 in HARD! JZ Drift Festival (Tenzan/Saga Pref)

Views: 3,702   chat_bubble56   access_timeAugust 13, 2020

It was a drift day for (JZX90, JZX100) Chasers, Crestas and Mark IIs, for (JZA80) Supras, and for any JZ-powered car, be it a Lexus, a Veros... <More>


K12 Nissan March (Micra) / S14 Silvia Chassis (SR20 Turbo/ Rear Wheel Drive)

Views: 18,365   chat_bubble63   access_timeApril 18, 2020

This rear-wheel-drive drift machine is just incredible. What you've got is a third generation Nissan March (AKA Micra), and it's been placed... <More>


The Last Drifting Isuzu Gemini ZZ in Japan - PF60 / AE86 Drift Day

Views: 15,857   chat_bubble107   access_timeMay 11, 2019

I have seen this 1980 Isuzu Gemini ZZ/R (I believe a ZZ/R, and not a ZZ/L, or a ZZ/T) before, and at that time is was beige. But, that was b... <More>


Drifting with D1 Lights Tani Kouichi, and Farewell to D1GP Legend Nomu Ken

Views: 4,201   chat_bubble56   access_timeDecember 22, 2018

In this video I get to ride along with D1 Lights driver Tani Kouichi in tandem with future drift star, Nomura Keiichi. The drift event held ... <More>