Sepia Collection (セピアコレクション)

This is a sizable, by-appointment-only, private collection. The 100-car collection is open to the public only one or two days a month, so arranging a time might proove challenging. Ratcheting up the degree of difficulty is that visits must be negotiated in Japanese. It's a pretty cool collection though.

Getting there

5 minute walk from Araki Station (Kagoshima Main Line)

1959 Datsun Sports S211- Only Two Remain!

Views: 3,460   chat_bubble120   access_timeOctober 02, 2021

It's believed only 18 S211 Datsun Sports 1000 Convertibles were built with just two remaining, and is thus known as, The Rarest Datsun. Five... <More>


An all-Isuzu, One Of A Kind, Hillman Minx Super Deluxe/Shortnose Skyline GL (C110)

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According to my calculations, there's only one "last car" of a production run, and in the case of the Japan-produced Hillman Minxes, this is... <More>


A 1968 Datsun Cablight 1150 Firetruck, and The Significance of the Unimportant

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In today's video, a retired Datsun Firetruck that now finds its home in the Sepia Collection. The Sepia Collection being a rather fine colle... <More>


Kei-truck Workhorse: Suzuki Suzulight Carry L20

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The Sepia Collection of classic, domestic Japanese cars never ceases to turn up obscure wonders that the rest of Japan, and the world, has l... <More>


The Sepia Collection - Obscure, Significant, Old Japanese Domestic Cars

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In Kurume City Fukuoka Prefecture Japan, there is a collection of significant, domestically-produced Japanese cars. There are no *cool cars*... <More>


Sepia Collection: 1959 Three Wheelin' Mazda Truck

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I absolutely love the Sepia Collection. They understand the concept of preservation. Not only of the cars/vehicles themselves, but of the hi... <More>


Sweet Coronaline! 1959 Toyopet Coronaline Van PT10 (Toyota Corona)

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I wonder if anyone will get the song in the title stuck in their heads... This is my first time to show a 1950's Corona, and an unusual body... <More>


Go out in Style in this 1965 Toyopet (Toyota) RT46V Corona Ambulance

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Car-spotting in Japan: Wasabicars T-shirts: Having a Corona-ary? Who better to ca... <More>


Old-School Microcar: The 1955 NJ from Nippon Jidōsha Kōgyō (日本自動車工業)

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I really enjoyed putting this video together. I guess that's because I knew nothing about the NJ. Nippon Jidōsha Kōgyō produced NJ's from... <More>


Honda's First Production Car - the T360 (1963 - 1967)

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Over 100,000 of these pick-ups were built over a period of five years (1963 - 1967) and all of them were this colour, "May Blue". The DOHC, ... <More>


An old Daihatsu 3-wheeler from the Sepia Collection

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Here is a rare old, 3-wheeled Daihatsu 'truck'. The Sepia Collection, which houses about 80 classic JDM's, has several other three-wheeled t... <More>


Never Seen One: 1963 Daihatsu Compagno Berlina Two-door Sedan

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Original/Unrestored: 1973 Mazda Luce GR R12 (RX-4)

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A quick glance of the car shows that it remains unrestored, and let's be honest, kinda rough. Like I said though, I was still happy to see i... <More>


Sepia Collection: A 1950 Type GB Mazda 3-Wheel Truck

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Sepia Collection: 1964 Nissan Cedric 1900

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Quite the mid-60's, gentleman's car, this one. Built in a time when Japan began to mass-produce tiny cars to get it's ever-advancing citizen... <More>


Sepia Collection: A 1962 Mitsubishi 500 Super Deluxe

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This amazing Mitsubishi is one of about 100 classic Japanese domestic cars in the Sepia Collection. Videos of the Sepia Collection can be f... <More>


Sepia Collection: A sweet, baby-blue Subaru 360

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This 360 is part of the Sepia Collection, and also in that are a half-a-dozen of its brethren. This one was the cutest, and I didn't see any... <More>


Sepia Collection: A *NEW* 1974 Nissan Gloria GX

Views: 39,230   chat_bubble43   access_timeOctober 08, 2012

Here's a rarity. It's a car that never got driven. Just to clarify, the car has of course been moved, and most likely under its own power, b... <More>


Sepia Collection: Another classic Mazda Cosmo Sport L10B

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Spotted: A 1965 Hino Contessa 1300 Deluxe

Views: 7,177   chat_bubble18   access_timeSeptember 27, 2012 This is a top, little JDM classic. The car was designed by Giovanni Michelotti, a guy who has designed many, many a m... <More>


Sepia Collection: A 1968 Datsun Fairlady 2000

Views: 11,352   chat_bubble16   access_timeSeptember 12, 2012

It is of course a convertible, but it also has NO ROOF. I really don't know what the deal is because although the car is incomplete, it is i... <More>


Sepia Collection: A 1973 Isuzu Bellett GT-R (PR91)

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The Sepia Collection - A collection of classic Japanese cars

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There will be plenty more videos to come from "The Sepia Collection". This is just the beginning. Website: RSS: http:... <More>